Being Underestimated is Fabulous

May 13, 2020

In the News

Margaret Pope, Pope Flynn’s founder, was interviewed as a group of six attorneys on the topic of women in the law in the annual South Carolina Super Lawyers magazine. The interview covered a range of topics, including mentoring, work life balance, early jobs, and choosing the field of law.

“Mentoring is everything. Once you get your law degree and pass the Bar and get your license, you’re exactly qualified to do nothing. You have to have a mentor to show you the ropes. Mr. Sinkler too me, mentored and educated me from A to Z; he had complete and utter belief in me. Justice Toal was also a role model. She set a fabulous tone for everyone in South Carolina’s legal landscape. It was our first time having a very accomplished woman reach the pinnacle and I realized if Justice Toal can do it, I can do it.”

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