SCIIP projects for small SC utilities: Three Tasks For Local Counsel

January 31, 2024

In the News

C.D. Rhodes describes “Three Tasks For Local Counsel” to small South Carolina utilities for SCIIP projects in this article published in South Carolina Lawyer’s Weekly in 2023.

“Since funding requests far exceeded available funding, some utilities will be disappointed and will likely look for other means to fund important projects. Many local governments may find that they have an urgent need to borrow money, whether to pay SCIIP’s local matches or to self-fund rejected projects, and many of these local governments will be infrequent or first-time borrowers. Attorneys who serve as local or general counsel to these governments will have a role to play in these financings, and may be asked to give advice on the process by which local governments are able to borrow money. Given that public finance is an exceptionally small niche of governmental law, this is an ideal moment to offer attorneys three considerations as you advise on funding for these projects.”

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