SPD Resources Launched

May 23, 2014

Press Releases

More than 45 commissioners, superintendents, fire chiefs, managers, and financial officers of Upstate fire, water, and sewer districts attended a seminar at the Pelham-Batesville Fire Department in Greer on legal, financial, and growth issues for special purpose districts. A web resources category for special purpose districts has also been launched that includes presentations from the event. Speakers included Grant Close, a labor and employment attorney with Ford Harrison; Paul Krohne, the executive director of the South Carolina School Boards Association; Larry Flynn, an attorney in government law at Pope Flynn; Lawrence Flynn, public finance attorney at Pope Flynn; Taft Matney, principal of TM Public Relations and Governmental Affairs; Gary Pope, public finance attorney at Pope Flynn; Margaret Pope, partner at Pope Flynn; Brent Thompkins, an attorney with Spencer & Spencer, P.A.; and Jeff Walker, general manager of Inman-Campobello Water District.

“This is one of the most energetic and informative workshops that anyone seeking up to date information for Special Purpose Districts in SC could attend,” says Phill Jolley, fire chief and CFO of the Pelham-Batesville Fire Department. “We sincerely enjoyed our participation in the program and look forward to future opportunities.”

“Special purpose districts are unique entities in our state, and present a variety of challenges to their leaders,” says Belton Zeigler, managing partner of Pope Flynn. “So a number of people who focus on offering services to special purpose districts partnered together to offer resources that will help form a community of special purpose district leaders who are committed to learning together. We plan to offer several more events around South Carolina this year.”

Presentation topics included on the special purposes district web resources page are: “Capital Projects: Tips, Trends, & Best Practices;” “Why An Elected Board & How To Build One;” “FOIA, Governance and Procurement;” “The Need to Knows of Employment Law;” and a Robert’s Rules session titled “Nothing could possible go wrong at our meeting tonight…” on how to run a meeting. View our SPD web resources page.

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